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Tancred – The Ring

I suppose my definition of lazy journalism would be running with the first line of thought that pops into my head even if it has no real relevance to the thing i’m writing about. In this case my personal brand of lazy journalism is manifesting itself as my inability to shake Paramore comparisons when talking about Jess Abbott’s band Tancred even when it’s criminally underselling what she is achieving with this song. She manages to strike a perfect balance in compositional and dynamic maturity and real musical depth whilst maintaining a youthful careless in it’s charmingly emo-teen delivery. There’s heaps of personality in Jess’ wonderfully American diction (I’m always gunna have a soft spot for yank accents), a characteristic that is often snatched away by this higher quality production but still manages to shine through here. Tancred is a great little discovery and with a bit of luck, by the time the album comes out all the Paramore comparisons will be gone from my head!

Did you think Paramore straight away too or am I a horrible person? Comment!



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  1. This definitely sounds like Paramore at first listen- especially since both singers have a similar voice and- I guess- both are recorded in a similar manner so that the voice is clear and at the foreground of the music.


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