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I probably wouldn’t be writing about this band if they didn’t look so damn cool because it floats on the folkier side of the musical spectrum, a place where I rarely tread. But look at their beards, how could I not write about them.

My main beef with a lot of this sort of music is that it’s so aggressively grandiose¬† that it doesn’t really leave much room for emotion and tends to just beat me round the face with how twee it all is. Die Mason Die however, give a nod to the darker side of things and weave a much more intimate sound which manages to create a really detailed soundscape with a host of glitchy, trembling instrumental nuances giving the track a creepy undercurrent. To be honest the word folk is a pretty poor description; these guys are folk in the way Daughter is folk which is essentially not at all. Anyway this is very contemporary, beardy music and I like it.

Is this folk? Are you folk? Comment!



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