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Bent Shapes

You know when people find bands late and overcompensate on the lost years by never shutting up about them? I know these people well because I am these people and I will now proceed to never shut the fuck up about Bent Shapes until inevitably people start disliking this band just to spite me – I actually have this effect on people. You might argue that me becoming a fan of your music is probably the worst thing that can happen for your band so sorry about this guys…

Bent Shapes hail from Massachusetts which judging from this weeks NME is the next ‘happening scene’ (I actually love music press’ infatuation with ‘scenes’ – I shouldn’t but I still get excited over articles like that). They play an almost mockingly poppy brand of indie which is laced with same wisecracking brand of lyrical wit that gives this band a depth shared by contemporaries like Speedy Ortiz. It’s Young’n’free sence of carelessness is instantly reminiscent of Joanna Gruesome’s snarlingly-twee pop racket but complete with a sense of intellectual cockiness that elevates the music to the level where it doesn’t have time for your perceptions of cool; it’s self assured enough to exist comfortably in its own orbit which makes my praise damn near irrelevant. No change there then.

Does anyone else wish they had an American accent so they could say cool shit? Comment!



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