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Radical Boy – Playing Out

Now that NME have stepped their RADAR game up, my job’s largely been done for me now as I can guarantee discovering a good 2 or 3 bands a week in there and can then proceed to take full credit for discovering them. Thanks for doing the legwork guys I’ll take it from here…

This weeks band that I definitely found myself and not in RADAR are Radical Boy, another gloriously bratty 2 piece, all fired up with YOOFUL ANGST. “I wake up. I go outside. I see my friends. And I go back to bed.” is perhaps, depressingly, our generational war cry. Either way I feel that there’s a big enough boatload of these wild 2 pieces that someone should book a room out for the day with one amp, one drum kit, one mic and shitload of beer and invite the world to see how much ass can be kicked with just two instruments. And no I’m not doing it, I’ve got to make lunch.

Can someone make that gig happen? Comment!



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