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Michael Christmas

I was writing a post on an artist the other day and was going on about how hard it is for me to distinguish good hip hop at a grassroots level. In the process of writing I became so infuriated by how average the artist that I’d forced myself to write about was, I canned the whole thing which says alot really. Thankfully today I was reminded that when someone is really good, its just so damn obvious.

Michael Christmas is wonderfully weird. Seriously I cannot pin this guy down. In this particular song he sighs a comical narrative over a beat that sounds like it would have fit nicely on that EARL mixtape and whilst its riddled with self-depreciating shots, Michael never comes across as class clown. There’s a confidence in his delivery that allows him to sound dominant even after spending 2 and a half minites ripping himself apart; he knows hes the shit. This confidence seeps through into his hardly-trying lyrical approach which manages to stay engaging whilst relying on pretty simple schemes but every now and then will tease us with something more complex just to let us know he’s not even trying. It would be hard to place Michael on the current hip hop scene which is exactly why he’s exciting; someone this different might just have to carve their own lane.

Is he really the rap game Michael Cera? Comment!



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