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Bachelor Pad – Fried

Well Summer’s definitely gone, *stares misty eyed out of window at the wintery wreckage of my back garden* yeah its all fucked now. What this has meant is that larger portions of my time are spend scouring through Australian acts whilst trying to pretend the sun is still out. Bachelor Pad have been making it pretty easy for me to deny the reality of my surroundings by blessing me with a glorious 2 minute beach punk winner. Its a scuzzy, synth driven lo-fi charge all centered around Australia’s finest Joey Ramone impersonator, channeling the perfect mix of angst and general disinterest. Do you remember that ‘Jerk it Out’ tune that was everywhere once, it kinda sounds like that but with balls. But yeah no one in Australia seems to give a fuck and I like that a lot!

How come you aussies are all so cool? Comment!



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