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Sometimes I just can’t work out why a band isn’t more popular. London’s Honey seem to tick all the right buzz band boxes that would usually have assembled a gaggle (I think that’s the appropriate collective noun) of talent hungry A&Rs by now and yet they don’t seem to be fending away offers just yet. What gives?

Musically they actually lean a little more to the ‘Indie Till I Die’ side of the unsigned spectrum than I usually venture but It’s handled with such sincerity that the influences seem to seep naturally into Honey’s sound rather than them bending over backwards to create a carbon copy. Having said that someone’s channeling more than a bit of Marr on here which is never a bad thing. Maybe a fresh batch of recordings will give them the boost they need to get some higher ups to pay attention but at least you got our attention right guys? Okay yeah our attention means fuck all but we still love you xooxoxox

Why are Honey not more popular? Comment!



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