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Sway Clarke II

First up Pigeons & Planes is a really great blog but don’t read it because I jack most of my artists from it and you’d never come back! One particularly good feature they run is where they recommend new acts based on the existing ones they can draw parallels to. This week ‘Sway Clarke II’ was compared to Frank Ocean which kind of stopped me in my tracks. I realised that Frank Ocean is such a bizarrely unique artist on so many levels that not only could I not see how anyone could really emulate him but also how incredibly lucky we are to have him. Then I listened to Sway and realised they do actually sound quite similar.

Although kissed with a bit more of a John Legend-like husk, vocally there are massive similarities which alongside the drug and fashion references (over pretty Channel Orange style production) make comparisons pretty easy. But like I said previously, Frank Ocean’s music is just one part of his massive appeal so it will be interesting to hear Sway’s story unfold and find out if he is going to be as uniquely captivating as ole Frankie.

Go have a look at the full feature for more great recommendations. Comment!



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