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Grape God

Honest to god I can’t work out if this is the greatest, most boundry-pushing hip hop album of the year (let’s ignore Yeezus real quick) or an abstract failed experiment that’s never really going to break free from the pits of obscurity. In reality it’s probably somewhere in between but you cannot say that this sounds like anything else and that in itself is an achievement that warrants some repeated listening.

Grape God’s vocal style is bizarre. It shows no regard to conventional rhyme schemes or even seemingly staying within the shackling constraints of time. It floats heavily over these beats, a dirty smog of weed smoke that manifests itself as something like MC Ride’s blunted cousin doing a yogi bear impression (on some next level imagery shit here). The beats are purple and the subject matter feels positively other worldly – this is some real sci-fi, time traveling music that really doesn’t sound of this planet. This is either a brilliant expression of artistic freedom, showing a complete defiance of archaic hip hop archetypes or its something that maybe I just dont get. I’ll get back to you on this.

Anyone figure this one out for me? Comment!




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