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Blog Sound of 2014 – You still can’t please everyone…

Tis the season for conflicting opinions. As you are probably aware the BBC sound list came out earlier this week (you can even treat yourself to my misinformed ramblings on it here). Whilst the general consensus was surprisingly positive (seriously no one ever agrees this much about anything) there was the underlying feeling that the list was picked more on what certain industry folk know is going to be successful rather than acting as a springboard for more unknown acts to get a bit of press heading into the new year.

Enter the ‘Blog Sound of 2014’.

Conceptualised and run by ‘Breaking More Waves’ Robin Seamer, the poll asked 59 UK blogs for their 3 picks for the new year. The votes were counted and the following came up on top:

George Ezra
Hella Better Dancer
Lyla Foy
Marika Hackman
Mt Wolf
Royal Blood
Sophie Jamieson
Wolf Alice

What’s instantly apparent is the stronger presence of guitar based acts in contrast to Royal Blood‘s lone position in that role on the BBCs lists. This is partly due the blogs that participated (apparently more of the niche dance and hip hop blogs failed to respond to the emails – bastards) but could also show that whilst guitar music continues to have less of an impact on the mainstream it still has a booming popularity with the blogging community. Wolf Alice have been NME darlings all through 2013 and definitely already have a core fanbase in place – I imagine they will be a staple through the festival circuit next year! Banks’ presence in both lists just shows what an unstoppable force she is likely to be next year!

Honeyblood are the only act on this list that benefited from one of our votes – you all know this blogs runs dangerously close to being a Honeyblood fan page most of the time so there is no need to tell you what high hopes I have for these girls!

What’s great about this list’s more underground leaning edge is that it has put me on to some great stuff that I was only half aware of before. How i managed to not pick up on Hockeysmith’s woozy Grimes-esque dream-step before is beyond me. An introduction to Mt. Wolf’s grandiose trip-hop stylings was another pleasant surprise (Edit – They announced they were breaking up about two hours after I posted this article – my support can be fatal apparently).

As the year progresses it will be interesting to track the progress of these artists in comparison to their BBC listed contemporaries – whilst the BBC list does often lead to great successes it also has a tendency to eat up artists and spit them out into nothingness. In this list we may well have a group of artists with enduring careers ahead of them. But the real point of this list and any other list for that matter, is to give people something to fight about at the pub this Xmas – Ill be at the kings head this evening with a long lecture prepared on why Honeyblood are the best thing that has ever happened – bring your A-Game.

Hear some of the artists below…

Whose on your lists then? Comment!



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