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Ones To Watch 2014 – The Magic Gang (Interview)

The Magic Gang & Travis Bretzer & some other guys…

This is one stupidly talented band. Between them this year they have all released great music this year under various names including Yrrs, Bayy, Home School and, as The Magic Gang, recorded one of my favorite songs of the year in ‘Bruises’. We caught up with them whilst they recorded some new material for the year ahead.

So as far as I can tell all of you are in at least one other band! Can you give us the breakdown on who does what and how you all came together for this outfit?

Gus: Hey, yeah we play in lots of other projects with all our friends which is great fun. We all kind of sing together but Jack and Kris are the leadsters. Jack plays guitar, Kris too, I play bass and P plays drum. We all live in the same area as each other (in/around the new forest) so I guess that’s how we formed

Give us the lowdown on Brighton? It seems to constantly churn out great music! How do you feel about the place?

Paeris: Not really sure how much of a ‘lowdown’ I can give you but its such an easy place to live, nothing really seems to be more than 5 minutes away which is fab. There are a few decent venues and we get to play with our friends bands a lot of the time.

There definitely seems to be a sense of community around the bands you associate with. Are you conscious of there being any real ‘scene’ (yeah I know it’s a dirty word) that you feel a part of?

Jack: There is a sense of community but I’d say it’s more about appreciating the other bands you play with and enjoying yourself than being part of a scene.

What have been your musical highlights in 2013?

Gus: I went to see king krule play at the oval space in london and it was really great.

Paeris: Me and gus’ other band played with Jackson Scott back in November. Was great to see him live + we had a small chat which was cool.

Jack: Native America’s “Bad Weed/ But Still Weed” EP


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