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Songs of The Year 2013

happy 2013

To prevent a ‘best songs of 2013’ list that isn’t just every song on Yeezus twice, this list doesn’t feature stuff that was also on my albums list. Oh, and because I spent so long faffing over the order of the albums, this is in no order what so ever. A lot of these songs were acts we found out about and have featured on the blog throughout the year so shouts out to them xoxo

Honeyblood – Kissing On You

Arguably the best thing to ever come out of Scotland…Yeah I’ve just checked and they are. Album can’t come soon enough.

Chester Watson- Phantom

This song is an absolute masterclass in the dark arts of DOOM influenced gritty syllable crunching – the fact that he was 15 when this was made is just the kicker.

Jackson Scott – That Awful Sound

My favourite scuzzy lo-fi romp that the year produced. Jackson Scott got it so so right on this song that it actually made his album, whilst still excellent, feel like a massive let down.

A$AP Rocky – LVL

The reason I love this song is that it just couldn’t have existed a few years ago. Between Clams Casino’s unholy production to Rocky mixing Houston energy with his Harlem fashionista swagger it’s just 100% 2013. If the rest of Rocky’s album had been as good as the first four songs it would have been top 5.

A$AP Ferg – Work (Remix)

I listen to music for a lot of reasons and one of those reasons is because sometimes it makes want to punch people in the face. Nothing has made me want to punch as many people in the face in such little time as Work (Remix). This song is just ridiculous. 2 of the 5 verses are genuinely awful and I still know every damn word. “HER ASS FAT YOU COULD PARK TEN TAHOES ON IT” URGHHHHHH * repeatedly punches extended family*

Happy Diving – Sincere

I don’t think any guitars have ever sounded that good before. Seriously that feedback is one of the best guitar tones committed to record. And then combine that with Weezer style songwriting and you have what will probably end up being one of my favourite bands next year.

Nai Harvest – Distance Etc          

I’m almost certain not putting Nai Harvest on the albums list will be one of my biggest regrets next year but I just couldn’t find the time to listen to it properly – sozzzzz. I’ll probably over-compensate and end up with a Nai Harvest face-tat next year anyway.

Michael Christmas – Daily

No one has ever sounded this cool while playing the clown. He may be hilarious but you can tell Michael Christmas is fully in control of the laughs he delivers which makes him a very exciting artist who has put out a slew of excellent tracks this year.

Captain Murphy Ft. Victor Vaughn & Earl Sweatshirt – Between Villains

This is an all-star cast. The master himself and two people who are openly indebted to the sound he created all absolutely killing together on this track. Internet wet-dream right here.

The Magic Gang – Bruises

This song feels scarily timeless. The Magic Gang have made the subtlest anthem of the year and probably many years to follow.

Superfood – Superfood

Elliot had managed to convince me that Superfood were the best band in the world before I’d even heard their music so I had pretty high hopes for the first single which managed to be nothing like I was expecting and much much better.

Cakes Da Killa – Goodie Goodies

Out of all the supposed ‘Queer Rappers’ I think Cakes is BY FAR the best rapper! Cakes doesn’t rely on the whole gay thing to carry the songs but rather uses that as an overlying theme on which to showcase his RIDICULOUSLY good flow with some gloriously catty lines.

Dumb – Retina

Birmingham’s had its fair share of press this year for better or for worse. This song is probably the best thing we’ve heard of there this year though (apart from maybe something by God Damn who should probably be on this list).

Birdskulls – Sink

“Birdskulls are the best band in the UK” Me, earlier this year, whilst fucked.

Tobias Jesso Jr – Just A Dream

This song is so simple and so heartfelt that it pretty much deserves an emotional reaction. Read the extremely gushy post I wrote about it earlier in the year – it’s unintentionally hilarious.

Young Limbs – I don’t Mind

This band have less than 50 likes on Facebook and haven’t done anything since August when they just quietly posted a link to this song. It’s one of the purest slices of pop that anyone’s produced this year and I sincerely hope they do some more music!

Lucki Eck$ – Count On Me II

Chicago is still going strong and Lucki Eck$ is the one I’m keeping my eye on for next year. This song is so unconventional that it would either end up unlistenable or excellent. It manages to be one of the most beautiful hip hop songs of the year whilst still maintaining a sinister Chicago edge.

ScHoolboy Q – Man Of The Year

Schoolboy Q will hopefully release an AMAZING album in January but till then this will more than do.

Radstewart – Arabesque Bedouin

Radstewart are so damn good at what they do and manage to be one of the most unique bands in Britain. I wanted to put Hot Dog on here but couldn’t remember when it came out so….

Circa Waves – Young Chasers

This is 2 minites of pure excitement that I don’t think is even supposed to be online anymore but you can sneakily listen to it here.

James Blake – Take A Fall For Me

His first album was better but this song is like nothing else!

Travis Bretzer – Hurts So Bad

His Saucy Tasters album which I got into this year would have absolutely been in my top albums this year…but it came out three years ago so this will have to do.

Death Grips – You might think he loves you…

Wouldn’t be an end of year list without at least some Death Grips right?

…oh and the Control verse.



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