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Ones To Watch 2014 – Honeyblood (Interview)

I was going to start this piece up with some gentle Scotland-related jokes to get you guys in the mood but quickly realised that it’s probably not a good idea for me to set about offending an entire country again (…they still wont let me back into Belgium). I do know however that Scotland has birthed Honeyblood and we were lucky enough to talk to them about the great year they’ve had.

You guys have gone from strength to strength this year! Tell us about your 2013?

Honeyblood: It’s been so much fun, we got to do some festivals (The Great Escape/T In The Park/Wickerman)… released out first single ‘Bud’ with FatCat, went on our first tour and recorded our first album!

You did a mini UK tour this year – how did you find that? Any ridiculous tales of rock and roll excess that we ought to know about?

HB: Touring is just one big adventure. We met some lovely people and played some fun shows. Rock and Roll? Well we did crash the estate car we were driving about in London.

What can you tell us about the album (and how much longer are we going to have to wait to hear it- the wait is already killing me!?!?!?)

HB: Spring time is when we will be releasing the album. Hopefully a single out early next year. Not too far away! We recorded it with Peter Katis in Connecticut!

How did you find recording in America and what made you choose to head out there?

HB: Peter has a good relationship with FatCat and liked our stuff, we love a lot of stuff he’d worked on before so it seemed like a natural mix. We are planning to go back to the US early next year also for a tour.

Finally, do you think 2013s been a good year for music?

HB: Daughter, Braids, PINS and Katy Perry made this year for us in albums.


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