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Jailey Maison (INTERVIEW)

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The other day I was blown away by a track from 16 year old Dutch rapper Jailey Mason so we had to speak to him to get the inside scoop on the Rap scene out there.

Tell us more about you and your music?

“Well, my name is Jailey, im 16 years old with a passion for music. My music is an experience, it shows you my story and my thoughts.”

What can you tell us about some of the guys you’ve been working with?

“I met some awesome people on this journey, I like to see people who are dedicated to this sport. I worked with 2 rappers from NY: Vocero & Polo Paul. They both got a different style and I dig that. The song I did with Vocero is called Kick It Up and Polo Paul is on the remix.

Also worked with some talented people from my home country, such as Ilyaz & Deazy. I met Deazy the first time on a rap contest, he was performing with his crew called Pryme. With 2 rappers called Thomson and a rapper named J.Boogie.”

Who else In The Netherlands should we be looking out for?

“Ya’ll should definitly look out for PRYME, they are the shit. Production, lyrics & flow are on a higher level. Also Jay-Way, he is a rapper with conscious rap and positive vibes, and the game needs that right now.”

What’s the Hip Hop scene like in the Netherlands?

“Not many english rappers, but the young guys be killin’ it in dutch. One of my favorite dutch producers is Esko.”

What happening next with you musically? 

“I’m focusin’ on my EP called Jalaxy with all originals. The production is from LVSTKNGS, Sammany, CRNKN, Invention.

Of course I will also give yall some features like: Red Bella, Tre Capital, Pryme, Naaz. The EP will hopefully come out in June or July.”


You can follow Jailey in the following places:

Twitter – @jaileymaison 

Instagram – @jaileymaison,




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