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Here’s our latest release, a new track from IYESAYA. It’s the sound of post-graduate unemployment but with 808s and auto-tune.


SIR E.U – Nike Boy

If Vic Mensa’s ‘Down On My Luck’ proved to me that Hip Hop and House can comfortably co-exist, Sir E.U’s ‘Nike Boy’ just revealed that the fusion could lead to a whole host of new sounds. SIR E.U snakes his way over the unconventional beat sounding agile, loose and full of confidence on something that most artists wouldn’t go near. Any artist brave enough to try something new whilst managing to wrestle a great song out of the experiment deserves some attention.

He is releasing something called ‘M A D A G A S C A R’ on November 1st (probably a mixtape) so we’ll find out then what else he has in store.

The Harpoons – Can We Work This Out

So now that its basically become impossible to catch wind of great new music faster than DIY seemingly manage to, I may as well just loiter round their site waiting for the hits to roll in. Today the good ship DIY has hauled up this jam from Melbourne’s The Harpoons featuring a further helping of woozy Rnb sensuality for those that didn’t already get their fix off the FKA Twigs debut.

Abhi//Dijon (EP Stream)

Here’s some rewardingly subtle Smoooooofff-Rnb from duo Abhi//Dijon. The grooves are thick and bass heavy and kinda have a Jai Paul doing D’angelo vibe with a splash of that Inc. melancholy that you know I love. Needless to say there’s loads of potential here.

Abattoir Blues – Blinded

Abattoir Blues.’s avatar

So Abattoir Blues‘ new song is raw, angsty and generally fucking brilliant. If you’re not already familiar with them they are basically an alarmingly charismatic Brighton super group, largely based the ridiculously enigmatic presence of the frontman Harry – the man is a force of nature. The song is coming out on the ever reliable Beech Coma, as part of their new cassette compilation which if I wasn’t so broke and lonely, would already be sold out. SOMEONE EMPLOY ME. PEACE XOX

TROVES – Youth In Decay

TROVES’s avatar

This debut track from Brighton’s TROVES, who I know absolutely nothing about by the way, is a nice chunky slice of pop! Its a tumbling, synth anthem with a healthy dosage of Sky Ferreira influence mixed in which leaves me looking forward to learning more about these guys.

Traces – Obstacles

Having now moved away from the Guildford area I can no longer call Traces local boys which is a shame because they’re getting better and better. Sounding a bit like that recent Majid Jordan release, Traces create something which can be digested both as a production masterclass, and a flawless bit of songwriting and it’s how prolific Traces seem to be in both these fields that makes them truly special.